An investment in a veranda is a sensible choice from the point of view of a property asset and for improving the quality of life in your house. Simple to implement, this type of project requires no building permit for a surface area under or equal to 40 m² (a simple statement of work is sufficient), and the space created immediately contributes to the enjoyment and light in a winter garden, which is energy efficient regardless of season.

In order to respond to all your needs, our experts can offer you canopies and verandas in aluminium or in steel, guaranteeing security, reliability, and thermal protection, with glazing designed to derive the maximum benefit from the sun. As well as the numerous colours available for the choice of sections, we offer a wide range of infills:

  • Glass (optimum solar contribution, extra insulation, and burglar resistant),
  • Transparent panels (reduction in UV ray transmission),
  • Opaque panels (privacy, insulation and security).

An intelligent design and the use of all these options will provide your project with an overall balance, taking into account your constraints and your expectations, and within a set budget.

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